Make Children Independent Learners

“Would there be any guidance like that of a teacher?”

“Would my child need a private tutor?”

“I cannot give my child those extra hours to work on weaknesses and customize the path of learning.”

Would buying a digital learning device solve it? Yes, it certainly would!

We have heard thousands of parents complaining about the same. Parents today resort to tutors without any consultations or knowledge on whether their child is ready or not for another round of classes right after school.

CG Slate learning Solutions for classes KG-5 personalize learning for the child so he/she can take up learning independently. It supports the child and customizes his/her path of learning. You need not hire a private tutor as CG Slate has a very easy-to-use interface for kids and also an environment that does not let children access other apps on the device. This means that the child can independently complete lessons, at his/her respective pace. CG Slate has school based subjects and gives multiple options in the form of videos, worksheets, books and quizzes.

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For e.g. in English reading and grammar, children get a lot of options to select from. They can either opt for ‘read to me’ option or ‘read by myself’ depending on their comfort! If they wish to hear first and then read, or vice versa, they can exercise their choice.

CG Slate personalizes the whole experience for the child in a way that he/she won’t get stuck again and again. Also, it doesn’t give the child the chance to skip any lesson that he/she deems unnecessary or tough to attempt. This is because each chapter, stage and further lessons have been mapped in a way that the child cannot directly jump to a new lesson until and unless he/she finishes the preceding chapter. This streamlines the process of learning for the child by structuring lessons in an adaptive way.

Titu- The mascot of CG Slate will guide your child with suitable suggestions so that he/she never finds it difficult to study with CG Slate MicroSD Cards and Learning Tablets.

As a parent, you need to understand that children can be independent learners, only if you let them be.