Myths and Facts: Smartphone Safety

Fact: Whether smartphones are a boon or a bane is totally up to you! Smart parents take smart measures to ensure their child’s safety.

In an era such as this, smartphones are indispensable for almost anyone. Kids too are lured by these attention-grabbing screens that the phones provide them with. The ability to browse the internet and land upon almost anything brings the risk into action. Thus debating smartphones as a boon or a bane for kids is useless unless you make sure that the content they are viewing is safe.

First ask yourself, what all does your child wish to see on your smart device?




Now for a second think that would not restricting all this be of any help to your child? Smart devices can be a great source of knowledge for kids when used the right way.

What if your child gets to access all this and that too in an environment that is completely safe for him/her?

Your child can learn on your smartphone without any fear now! Enter your details to get a call from our team.

CG Slate aids to this dilemma of yours. One android compatible MicroSD Card ensures child’s safety within the smartphone. Like any other SD Card you have to just insert it into your smartphone and you get learning content for classes KG-5 in the form of games, videos, interactive books, worksheets, quizzes and more.

CG Slate offers robust parental controls that give you the authority to control and manage what your child views. All this can be done through your parent pin. It restricts your child’s entry into other apps on your smartphone.  If you want your child to view any video or use apps that you feel are relevant then you can simply add them within CG Slate. 

You can leave your smartphone with your child for as long as you wish to! CG Slate makes sure it won't be a threat. Kids have an affinity towards screens, and instead of seeing it as a threat we need to make the most of it. It’s okay if your child is diving into smartphones, let him/her pursue it as they want.

After knowing all the benefits that you can acquire from smartphones, would you still stop your child from using them?

CG Slate MicroSD Card solutions give you all the reasons NOT TO! So it's time you let your child explore and learn. Click to know more!