Ways to make smartphones useful for kids

With a technology like CG Slate, every time your child picks your smartphone he/she will learn something new.

Digitization of Education: Budget 2018

Technology-driven approach will change the way mentors teach, the way children learn and the whole feedback process. This new change heralds exciting possibilities for the 21st-century kids.

Make Children Independent Learners

You need not hire a private tutor as CG Slate has a very easy-to-use interface for kids and also an environment that does not let children access other apps on the device.

CG Learning Tales: Examples in learning

Digital tools are bringing endless opportunities for kids. Children get the chance to master concepts by absorbing the same information again and again through different examples.

Advantages of Mobile Learning for Kids

Parents get habitual of giving children their smartphone only when they feel that the child has ample time to waste! Be wary parent! This has to be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat.

Myths and Facts: Smartphone Safety

You can leave your smartphone with your child for as long as you wish to! CG Slate makes sure it won't be a threat.