CG Learning Tales: Videos in Learning

The aim should be to motivate children and energize them to learn more and more. Videos induce fun factor, and with their ability to pause, repeat and play it becomes a flexible medium while teaching.

Smartphones in Kids Education

Controlled exposure to smartphones is important for the child to imbibe the essential 21st-century skills.

Myths And Facts- Growth of the Brain

To avoid any kind of stagnation, you need to constantly feed your child with something new and repeatedly feed them with what you think is important.

CG Learning Tales- Answering Tricky Questions

It’s important to answer every query your child has. By overlooking their tricky questions you are intentionally harming their enthusiasm to learn.

Genius Parenting: Traditional Learning

These opportunities should not replace paints, markers, crayons, and other graphic art materials but should provide additional options for self-expression.

CG Learning Tales 4- The Need To Learn

We shouldn’t blame children but the educators who create panic when it comes to this subject and communicate the same to kids.