Solve the problems

When a child memorizes something mechanically then it is doing more harm to him/her. Instead of rote learning 10 answers in an hour, it is better to fully understand and attempt one.

Smart education for your child

If your child persists to accompany you then do not say NO. This is the age of smart parenting when you should seize each and every opportunity to make your child smarter and intelligent.

Spend time with your child

Being a parent you might have umpteen things in your mind, but amid all other priorities, your child should be the first one.

Good Listening Skills

A child should know that he/she shouldn’t always seek attention and importance. Teach them not to interrupt, disturb or question when someone else is talking.

Balanced Diet

If your child isn’t eating well then it is an ‘emergency’ situation by default.

Random Questions

Random learnings are deep rooted than those done in the time assigned to study.