Advantages of Mobile Learning for Kids

Aren’t hours of playing on the tablets and phones enough?
What is the need for technology in learning? This is jeopardizing our child’s future!

Mobile learning for kids as a notion is questioned in many instances. In a century that is deeply rooted in technology, it is impossible for children to not be tempted by smart devices. Mobile  learning  helps in taking  a play related approach, it creates opportunities for kids to adopt mobile devices as a part of learning while growing up. 

CG Slate mobile learning solutions have completely changed the way children used technology in the early days. By deploying a play related approach, it has created an environment that motivates the child to effortlessly engage in learning on smart devices! Among many of its features, the rule-experience-achievement approach focuses on incentivizing children for all that they learn. 


Instead of running after traditional methods of learning, it is better to take an approach that suits your child’s learning style. With the dynamic nature of mobile learning, there’s a scope for the child to choose which way to learn. Multimedia gives them a galore of options to study from. For e.g. the child can choose between read along books, read to me books. 

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CG Slate is a mobile learning solution for Classes KG-5, available as tablets and on SD Cards. This has been designed keeping in mind the needs of parents today. It has content mapped to the curriculum followed in school, in the form of interactive books, videos, worksheets, quizzes etc. Parental controls help you restrict, manage and track what your child views on the smartphone.

Valuable utilization of the free time

Parents get habitual of giving children their smartphone only when they feel that the child has ample time to waste! Be wary parent! This has to be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat.

With CG Slate your child can learn on the go, anytime & anywhere. Your child will learn only that what is required. Gamified learning has been promoted which means learning is done in a game-like environment. This makes it more flexible for the child to to set his/her own pace of learning.

Technology is making children self-sufficient learners and this is exactly what we endeavor to achieve in the 21st century!

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