CG Learning Tales: Examples in learning

As a parent explaining one concept gets tough since you do not have many resources to refer to. You give them two examples and they tend to ask for more. What helps me out when my child puts across hundreds of questions is CG Slate MicroSD Card for Classes KG-5

Digital tools are bringing endless opportunities for kids. Children get the chance to master concepts by absorbing the same information again and again through different examples.

Here’s how it is done in CG Slate.

An interactive video that shows how food is produced in different regions through different plants and how we consume it.

Telling children the importance of fruits through interactive storytelling where the child takes it as a lesson. Child has the option to take up learning games for the same.

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Books showing why we need vegetables and fruits, and their importance along with relatable images that the child could connect with.

Now the same information is being assessed in the form of a different question. Each question contains a different example where the child is forced to place himself/herself into different situations and then answer. This enhances their thought processing.

Have you noticed that simply telling what to do has a very little effect on the child in comparison to the times when you demonstrate how to! The same topic when reiterated through different perspectives makes it easier for the child to retain. Repeating one, again and again, affects the learning as everything that the child structures is unidirectional.

Teaching tip here is: The more the better. Anything that reaches the child in two to three different ways is better stored in the brain.

The same dough when prepared in different molds and shapes gives great results, likewise similar information when produced in different containers like books, videos, Q&As, and different messages give superior results.

Remember, their enthusiasm for learning new things is the ladder to success!

CG Slate is a learning solution available as tablets and MicroSD Cards for classes KG-5. It has interactive audio-visual books mapped to the school curriculum in the form of audio-visuals, worksheets, quizzes, and learning games. Parents can manage what their child views through their parental controls and track all that the child does on the phone by generating progress reports. Click here to know more>>