Digitization of Education: Budget 2018

The proposal of the move from Blackboard to the digital board has brought silent cries of victory in many parts of the country. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said, “Technology will be the biggest driver in improving the quality of education.”

The 21st-century learning techniques have taken over the traditional methods of teaching and learning. This initiative further will motivate creators to produce more of digital content and parents to let their kids seek maximum advantage from digital resources.

For parents and teachers who have always wanted to give children ample of opportunities to learn from, this shift of focus from traditional to digital is a ray of hope.

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CG Slate Learning Solutions for classes KG-5 has been contributing to the digital revolution for the last few years. With over 30,000 kids using CG Slate as an additional aid and half of them as the only source of learning. Integration of technology in education not only improves the quality of education but also makes it more accessible for the kid. It dilates the restrictions from the system and brings more flexibility to learning by adapting to reciprocate each child’s learning pace.

CG Slate has NCERT-mapped curriculum in the form of interactive audio-visual books, learning games, and worksheets. With advanced features like parental controls and automated progress reports, CG Slate is solving two biggest concerns of the parents today. First, providing children with quality education and second, an environment that takes care of the child’s online safety. It is making education for kids more targeted, specific, and enjoyable.


Technology-driven approach will change the way mentors teach, the way children learn and the way whole feedback process took place . This new change heralds exciting possibilities for the 21st-century kids.