Technology to every parent's aid!

I am a working mother and I cannot monitor my child 24*7. It was a daunting task for me to stay on my toes every time I walked in the house. All I wanted to do, as I got home was to lay on my bed and escape the tiredness. But then I saw my daughter’s anxious eyes looking at me.

The moment I kept my handbag on the couch, I saw her chasing my phone. “Mom, Mom, I want to talk to Tom Cat, and I hope you didn’t delete my barbie house!” It became impossible for me to not pay any heed to her.

Hardly 5 words come out of her mouth when I asked her about starting the homework but she could name every app on my phone if need be. It was scary how quickly did she enter the password and scrolled like a pro. When and where did she learn all this? 8-year-old and still so smart. I leave my laptop at home, that day isn’t far when my girl unlocks my laptop and starts using the internet. I would face 100 ghosts but would never want to see my kid this way.

I do not blame her, I think this generation has been marinated with an inbred likeness for phones or I should say gadgets. Sometimes I feel that I myself am to blame, I was the one who introduced my child to the world of technology. I remember taking umpteen selfies at the time of her birth, recording her first words, and her first few steps. My husband and I are mostly attached to our mobile phones and this is what she has been observing. I didn’t want her to have a meaningless addiction for gadgets, so I thought of getting her a fruitful gadget.

After scanning most of the internet, I finally closed my search on CG Slate- ‘Safest learning solution for kids’ as the ad said.

Being skeptical about whether to spend a lot of money on a gadget or no, I bought a CG Slate micro SD card for her. It luckily gave me the opportunity to use my otherwise untouched tablet.

Within 2 months, I could feel the change. I knew my daughter was safe from the internet demon now! Not only safe but she had been learning a lot all this time. She jumps all over the house, narrates all the new learnings, and tries to complete her homework independently.

Her sudden command on big words leave me baffled, I feel like I have been sending her to an after-school coaching center all this time, whereas all I did was to buy a digital learning solution. This not only fills me with immense happiness but also with pride that at such a tender age my daughter is an independent learner.


I think CG Slate is a tool that empowers every mother with its parental controls, child-friendly interface, and effective learning content. The parent pin automatically helps me to keep her safe despite my absence.

I no more have to follow her, it’s more of a self-driven will to learn on her part. She no more hops on my phone, her playtime is directly proportional to her study time on CG Slate. Now, she no more spends hours talking to a silly cat or jumping about on the trains, she learns, she studies, and she enjoys! I am glad that I introduced my child to some serious education with CG Slate, it has kindled the love for learning new things in her.

It had always been very tough for me to leave her alone. CG Slate has been of immense help for both of us. The truth is I do trust my daughter but I don’t trust the internet! CG Slate gave me the opportunity to let my child explore without any deviation, fear, and limitations. I guess with the right set of tools our children can surely rule the world.