My daughter did it, she won!

My daughter had difficulty in memorizing words. Half of her English, EVS & Hindi syllabus was lagging because of her inability to retain stories. I did everything, I read stories to her day and night. I left my chores behind, opted out of all my get together, skipped packing my husband’s meal box just for the sake of my daughter’s studies. I started making worksheets for her but gradually her interest in studies faded. She made grumpy faces each morning when she dressed up for her school.

I was in a mess! I didn’t want to delay! Exams were on our head….

All my endeavors failed and I spent sleepless nights strolling with my phone. Advertisements caught my attention and I ordered a learning tablet for her.

Suhani started working on CG Slate, her interest grew and she started reiterating all that the characters taught her in the tablet. She now sings and twirls, goes to her school happily and with much more zeal.

Her exams begun, preparation was in full flow. For a change, she cracked all the worksheets I made for her because she had been practicing on CG Slate. Poems were on her tips and the characters from the stories were right there- settled in her little brain. I had to no more push her for studying, she conquered her troubles and gave her best.

The D-Day arrived, I received my daughter’s report card, which said: Great improvement! Keep it up.

This made me HAPPY, very happy!

I held the tablet in my hand and grasped the reason why despite my unflagging efforts, she didn’t come out with flying colors. The tablet had exceptionally cool graphics and a lot of content that appealed to me. I wonder if I can get lured by the engaging content then it can surely help my child. As a mother, I recommend you to buy a learning tablet if your child faces issues in learning. No brand, no marketer or a TV ad will give you a genuine review, here is a mother recommending you to buy a product which she has tested!

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CG Slate has interactive content in the form of interesting videos, engaging worksheets, quizzes and educational games.