Mobile learning and its benefits

My wife called me a fool when I told my son to come and study from my phone. She said “haan beta, papa ke saamne rona jab report card mein likha hoga C grade.” You can never really win from your wife!

My colleague told me about online learning, he shared how his daughter developed great skills by simply learning through sources on the internet. I too got very keen on introducing my son to some educational apps and see his response. Well, I hope that doesn’t make me the ‘bad Dad’ in your eyes.

I work in an IT company and I am conscious of the strengths and shortcomings of gadgets today. For me my laptop and phone are unavoidable, it is impossible for me to even think of working without these devices. I cannot overlook the fact that my son too will be tempted by technology and as a matter of fact will be benefited by its usage.

Technology has its own advantages EVEN FOR THE KIDS.

Don’t you see the world evolving? There was once a time when education was correlated with money, the scenario today has changed. Technology has made education much accessible and affordable. The only place where we lag is ACCEPTANCE. Indian Parents are willing to spend much more than required for their children’s education without resorting to cheaper and better options. It is probable that the children learn better through a digital medium because of their instinctive readiness to use a digital device.

There are many tangible reasons why parents (as I do) can rely on mobile learning solutions today.

- Available 24*7, you no more have to spend a fortune on private tutors and guides because everything is just a click away. I see a lot of opportunities planted for the kids of today. They no more have to wait for their teacher to come and solve the queries.

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- If a child due to any reason missed a class can always cover up with such apps. Dependency on the teacher is reduced, the child can learn at his/her own pace.

- A child can access interactive content through audio-visual aids. Good quality content becomes more handy and affordable!

Children have a tendency to open new apps and tabs on the device which is perilous. This is the place where we as a parent get stuck.

So, I got a learning tablet for my son which worked on a protective learning ecosystem. It helped us monitor his activities and also restricting him to access other apps on the mobile phone. With CG Slate, I can protect my son from inappropriate sites and content through my parent pin. The time he spends on learning is linked to his playtime, so there is no friction between me and my wife regarding a tablet being a distraction. She has now been assured of its benefits!

You too think beyond the conventional line of thought. Technology, when used well, is a trump card!