Year Review 2016

27th December 2016’ as my newspaper read.

New Year already?

I guess time has got the finest pair of wings. It seems like yesterday only we ushered in 2016, and already it’s time to bid adieu. Hasn’t this year been a roller coaster ride? Where in 2015 we grieved for the Maggi ban, in 2016 we witnessed a currency ban. Much has changed since we begun with 2016.

The year commenced with Indian Air Force station being attacked in Pathankot that enraged each and every Indian, but as time progresses grudges take a back seat. But again were we provoked by the Uri attack. “Are we going to have a war?” My son kept asking me. Successful Surgical Strike sure won our hearts except for the heartbreaking news that ‘Fawad Khan’ got ejected from Bollywood. In 2017, can we please make peace and not war?

Being a Delhite, I can not forget how we woke up to dense smog every day. My son was happy, he got a few unexpected holidays from school. Nonetheless, with November came a master stroke of our PM NaMo! 500 and 1000 notes were banned, that brought desolation within the households. I remember how my husband cursed himself for getting the car fuel filled through cash that very night, my maid kept muttering while working as if I was the one behind this move. Chowkidar lingered on our door asking "Memsaab paise dedo, zarurat hai." I swear never on my birthday did I receive these many calls narrating stories of ‘riches to rags’. Thanks to Jio I could totally kill my free time chit-chatting for ‘free’. Reliance industry probably knew about the forthcoming empty-wallet days.

Out of all the members of our family, only my son was unaffected by the changes and events taking place around him. Naturally, children stay in their own little world, and my child had no clue of why were his parents asking him for the money he received on Diwali. However, as a parent this year has managed to keep me happy mostly and my kid is all smiles. He is super excited with the new CG Slate that he got on his birthday. 2016 sure did well to my kid as he now enjoys studying on his tablet.

Somehow, this had been a year full of fluctuations for us. Talking about India, our hearts were filled with pride and awe as Indian Women clinched medals at the Rio Olympics. Not to forget how petrol prices inflated, gold price reduced, property rates dropped and liquor got banned on the state highways. This was the year when we witnessed crazy things. We witnessed our youth going mad over some weird set of creatures whom they dearly call Pokemon, sabzi walas got paytm savvy, half the country got triggered by salt rumours & stacked bags full of salt. Phew, what a year!

Well, I hope there are better things to come in 2017. And of course lesser surprises.

Wish you a Happy New Year 2017 :)