The Magic of Christmas

Mummy where’s Daddy?

Daddy will be late today

Doesn’t he know it is Christmas eve?

He is busy with work today!

Santa won’t get him a gift if he doesn’t come home and wait.

Who told you?

Daddy told we should all wait for Santa to give our gifts.

Haha alright, quickly get in your bed and go to sleep.

Mumma please, not today!

It’s here.. The night when no one falls asleep, when the spirit of Christmas has set in, the house is ornamented with lights and kids’ excitement is at their zenith. Both my kids are trying to sneak in the hallway just to check whose gifts have been placed by Santa. My husband had been trying hard to slink near the Christmas tree and place the gifts but kept withholding. I wonder from where do my children muster this much of energy to stay up all night. I saw their Santa(my dear husband) struggling so I decided to take them away from the tree. I took them to their room and started singing their favorite jingle- The Little Christmas Tree, from CG Slate. Kids got immersed in the Christmas stories and my husband finally got the chance to place our gifts (not to forget-one for himself too).