CG Learning Tales: Offer Choices To Learn

Ma’am, why can’t I fly?
Why do my clothes swing with the wind but I don’t?
What is WIND?


Explaining the traditional way hardly helps. I realized that in order to address such questions, it became important for me to have an inventory of simple examples. This became a whole lot easier for me by using examples from the CG Slate's Books like-  ‘Vayu The Wind’.

By personifying the wind as a character and placing it in our day-to-day situations children get a plethora of examples to learn from. After going through the chapter they clearly understood that-



Wind is a constant companion… It helps in cooling down


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Wind spreads and helps us


Wind keeps us warm..


Wind can be dangerous too!


Wind is the air, wind is everywhere!


Teaching Tip: Offer choices and be humorous, if that is all that it takes your child to learn and understand!


Thrusting books in the hands of children doesn’t help! Early childhood classrooms should benefit from judicious use of such tools. Infusing technology doesn’t mean removing textbooks, pencils, and crayons. It means providing children with additional options to understand with ease.

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