CG Learning Tales 4- The Need To Learn

Kids dislike maths because they are pushed to learn higher maths before they even begin to understand the basic concepts! It is frustrating for them to get stuck and practice one problem again and again. We shouldn’t blame children but the educators who create panic when it comes to this subject and communicate the same to kids.

To tell them why actually is I took them through a simple story of the fictional world of Chupichkoo with CG Slate . Funny name huh? That’s how children learn :)


Numbi lived in a planet where ‘Numbers’ were unknown.


Numbi asked for a few scoops of ice cream but couldn’t explain how many did he want!


Numbi is confused how to tell exactly what he wants.


Numbi is now introduced to the world of NUMBERS.


Numbi now specifically tells in numbers ‘how much’ does he want.


Now Numbi knew everything about numbers and thus helped his planet.

And in no time, they understood why Maths couldn’t be removed from the time-table.

Teaching Tip- Before telling children what to learn, tell them why to learn!

CG Slate Tablets and SD Cards have both ‘Read out to me’ and ‘Read out myself’ options which enable children to first listen and then read for better understanding.

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