A confession of the child inside me

The moment my daughter enters the house, she is full of zest and talks...as she gobbles up the food, her chitter-chatter never stops. Mumma “I made a new friend today”, “I played cricket today”.. “I had a samosa in the canteen” and so much more. Though, I keep scolding her for talking in between the meals but deep down I enjoy listening to her. Her laughter makes me ecstatic and the zeal in her eyes takes me back to my own school days. The mud stains on her shirt, the leftovers in her lunchbox and the scribbled pages of her notebook, remind me of the golden days of my life.

I often ponder how life is now, and I realize that nothing has really changed. We are all the same! The only thing that has changed is our outlook towards life. I believe children have a lot in store for us, and instead of always teaching them, we must sometimes try and learn from them as well. They remind us of a lot of good values which we forget while growing up.

To forgive and to forget

Do children genuinely feel bad about anything for more than an hour? I don’t think so. They might be in a bad mood at that moment but as soon as they are in a different pursuit, they forget about it. In comparison, adulthood generally brings some long-term grudges and tiffs. I confess, I would be happier If I could learn from my daughter and just let go!

So all the fellow adults out there, try it once- Just LET IT GO !

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Stay happy without a reason

Children have an indomitable charm on their face always. Do you know why? Because nothing in the world is too big for them to curtail their happiness. Whereas adults can sometimes be classified as “ staying unhappy without a reason”. Do not burden yourself with the responsibilities you have. Make room for happiness, smile as often as you can and take life positively like a child.

Personally, I thought nothing made my daughter unhappy except the ‘Go to study’ alert. But thanks to the latest interactive tools for studying like the CG Slate, I never see my daughter frowning now! I wish we also had the opportunity to learn through such smart devices in our childhood. I am really happy to see that this smart learning tablet has kindled in her the desire to study more and more. This is definitely a good enough reason for me to smile and be happy.

What is your reason of joy? Why not try and find it right now? Bring back that beautiful curve on your face and have a look at yourself in the mirror, nothing suits you better than a beautiful smile.

Stay uncontrolled

Children have a lot of enthusiasm in them, and the best part about children is that they never hesitate. Of course, children have no social responsibilities but can’t adults be a little crazy? Who’s stopping you? No one! Stay cheerful, do not hold back yourself from any sort of an adventure. Maybe it’s time you finally went out for the long trek you have been planning for.

Set yourself free

If you constantly keep monitoring yourself and your child’s activities, you will never be able to live to the fullest. Take out time for old friends and make new friends, as many as you can. You can still attack the plate of laddoos(sometimes), sing while taking a shower and can wear pajamas the whole day. :P

‘Play’ as much as you can

Well, rolling in the mud won’t be your first choice but why not take some time out for the long forgotten hobby! You can join a dance class, have a day full of video games or just colour that beautiful flower pot in red. You might have to miss a day at work, it's OK! Instead of thinking twice, thrice and eventually dropping the plan, just go for it.

I remember when I was a child, all I ever wanted was to grow up and now, I wish to be a child again. How funny is that! But today, I promised myself to think like a child and be one. If you are reading this, then maybe you should give it a try too..never let the child in you die. Dance when you feel like, sing quite often, laugh out loud and paint the town red. You are never too old, do not impede your freedom on account of your responsibilities.

Today, get in touch with the child in you!


CG Slate comes with three zones Learn, Play, Shop. A child can unlock his/her play time after taking the lessons in the Learn zone.