Why do parents send their children to tuitions? I think as a father, I can take the opportunity to answer this. As parents, all we want is that our children flourish in life! And for this, we do what not!? Ensure that our children are provided with the right kind of amenities all the time, that their convenience is not compromised at any cost, and that they enjoy the best of comforts so that nothing becomes a hurdle in their growth. Then why compromise with their education?




A room power packed with 20 students and a teacher (bhaiya/ didi/ aunty of the neighbourhood), is a typical scenario of a traditional tuition center, where parents have been sending their children since a very long time. Lack of proper knowledge with parents has compelled them to send their children to these self-proclaimed teachers. When a child is sent to a next door teacher to study, things are dealt in a casual manner and the real learning doesn’t take place. The child just completes his/her homework and crams for the next exam.


Most of the parents are working these days, they don’t have enough time to look after their child’s education & that is the reason the commercial way of imparting education has become prevalent. The tuition centers are flooded with students and they are just like mini school ‘classrooms’.


In the coaching classes, with astronomical number of students, completing school syllabus is the only focus. Students also try to match up with the pace of the classes and problems amplify even more for a child who is afraid and shy to ask doubts in front of everyone! A child’s learning goes for a toss such a scenario.




The situation has assumed alarming proportions and parents are already on a lookout for better alternatives. They need holistic development for their children and hence they are ready to ditch the conventional way of sending their children to tuition classes! The need of the hour is a more interactive and engaging session with students so that they can retain what they learn and develop skills in all walks of life.


Why not turn this ‘study time’ into ‘play time’ was the starting point. This way a student will have fun while learning and will not throw tantrums for an extra study session! Genius idea, I would say.

This change in outlook led to more and more parents enrolling their children in various co-curricular activities such as swimming, aerobics, martial arts and after school learning programmes such as CG WhizKids where tech driven study sessions helped students to study effectively & efficiently.


These after school learning programmes add immense value to a child’s development. To drive the Generation Z students, nothing works as magically as technology does. Mome parents have also started adopting these hacks while teaching their children at home.


Students are anyway engrossed in textual books all the time in school and therefore when they come across something beyond texts, which connects with the practical life, they learn immensely. This way of learning is more than just an engagement for children, it is a lifestyle!!