Easy way to make money for home makers - teach from your home

“WOW! That stunning pair of danglers!”


“Oh my! That heart-melting pair of Aldo heels”

Remember the time, you really wanted that gorgeous saree and that MAC Lipstick or when you had to suppress the urge to have a vacation? You did sacrifice one thing or another, you did forego your desires. Isn’t it always about that extra chunk of money?


As a homemaker, you have always kept your family on priority and you have fulfilled your familial responsibilities exceptionally well. I know it because I have done that too! But isn’t it time to treat ourselves a bit? It’s time that we think a little about ourselves and earn that extra pocket money and above all, feel good about that!

Depending on my husband for all my expenditure, at times restrained me from buying what I really wanted. That’s when I realized that I need to do something about it... but what? That was the real question. Though I was sure about one thing, that I couldn’t afford to step out of the house as my all-time presence in home was very crucial, but there was no clarity in my mind about what exactly should I do. I scanned various avenues but all efforts seemed to go in vain!


Just one fine day, I was teaching my son in the balcony and my neighbour called out to ask if I can teach her son too and I spontaneously said, “WHY NOT?” and that’s when it struck me “Why not teach children?”



I had zero teaching experience and I knew it will be a daunting task. There was just too much to take care of!
I was doubtful whether I will be able to communicate well and teach students efficiently and whether I will be able to acquire more students. With the least resources and with obvious constraints, how will I compete with already established tuition centers in the society? Because of my partial knowledge, I didn’t know how to overcome these obstacles.

Then my friend, who is a teacher in an after school learning program run by CG WhizKids came to my rescue. She asked me to get affiliated with them. At first, I was in a denial mode but somehow my husband convinced me to give it a shot. To my surprise, with the training and support they provided me, along with the teaching materials, I started feeling more positive about doing this whole thing and I started a CG WhizKids center of my own.

Gradually, the count of students grew and I became more and more confident.  Everyone in my family could notice the positive change in my personality. With the minimal investment, I started earning Rs.30k-40k per month.


That feeling of being self-reliant and knowing that you are doing something substantial, enriching and educational, something which will not only lead to my growth but also shape the future of the new-age generation is priceless. But doing it RIGHT is very essential,  it is something which I learned during this phase, through my affiliation with CG Whizkids.


So, ladies don’t hesitate! Question yourselves, “WHY NOT?”, and that question might change your lives, just the way it did change my life!