CG Slate - The Smart Learning Solution

We are a bunch of Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Teachers, Artists, Engineers, Educators, Linguists, Musicians, Data Scientists and people from many other walks of life but there are two essential threads that bind all of us together: Our love for Children and Our passion towards Education.

We are not only designing awesome worksheets for your children but also writing algorithms to predict the gaps in their learning. We are not only trying to integrate Music with Numbers but also trying to teach Angles through Architecture, Language for Communication, Anatomy with Human Values, Environment with Patterns, Arts with Personality Development to give a complete picture to your child. It is this wholesome experience that we believe will nurture your little one into an adult ready to face the post-modern world.

CG Slate - The Smart Learning Solution

After a decade of research and hands-on experience with children, we have concluded that a truly integrated approach towards learning is what your child needs to fall in love with the process of learning. We here focus on teaching your child how to learn by focussing on life skills and transform surface-level learning to deep-level of learning by practice, application and by building connections with real life.

While reading about us, if you felt, even for a second that you were born in the wrong decade, just give us a chance to make your child's learning experience a memorable one!

Team ConveGenius