Enjoy Learning with CG Slate – Innovative Educational Tablet

The idea is innovative and I think ‘spot-on’! The tablet engages all three kinds of learners – auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The stories used to weave together concepts are interesting for children.

Can your son read?
Can he say the numbers from 1 till 100?
Does he sit and do his homework willingly?
Honestly as a mother of a 4 yr old I am, at most times, overwhelmed with all the talk about education for kids. Sure I want a good education for my sons but somehow the pressure of studies at such a young age gets to me. Most of the time, my son doesn’t want to sit and ‘study’ but is he still ‘learning’? Now that is the question.

What is the Tablet All About?

Do not confuse Education and Learning as one and the same thing, because they are not. Education is what we are trying to impart, textbook knowledge which we force feed our kids. Learning is something which happens when the child is naturally curious and actively wants to find out and know about things.
There are a host of apps now available on Android and iOS which help facilitate learning. But which one suits which child? At what age?
Confused with all this and with close to 50 Apps on my iPad (which my son no longer plays because now he only wants to stream cartoons online) I laid my hands on the CG Slate.

Before I begin elaborating, let me make an honest confession; I didn’t have much expectations from the Lenovo tablet. I hadn’t yet heard of a learning tablet for children. Am I glad I did?!

Child on Tabet

The CG Slate is an Android tablet for children. It has various grade level audio-visual learning modules and interactive games and tests all designed to ensure age-appropriate learning. A product from ConveGenius the tablet is perfect for the 21st century learning methodology. ConveGenius is working with the aim of making education digital and at the same time affordable and fun!

Have a look at the Tab and all about it here.

Features of the CG Slate

Learn Zone:

There are numerous learning modules here, mapped as per the NCERT syllabus, for each grade. The modules are all audio-visual. There are interactive games and tests for each module too.

Play Zone:

This zone has games and stories which kids can play. The time you can spend here is limited by the time you spent in the Learn Zone.

Shop Zone:

Based on the coins earned learning, children can choose from a list of toys and games available in the shop zone. This the parents can buy using the coins earned.

The idea is innovative and I think ‘spot-on’! The tablet engages all three kinds of learners – auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The stories used to weave together concepts are interesting for children to listen to and also easier to understand. Kids love games and getting them to stop playing is what is the challenge. Gamification of learning modules makes learning fun and also easier for children. The assessments are also fun and not the kind where the child is stressed to perform well. Because he is having fun with the audio-visuals and games, he is learning and retaining more so assessments? Oh they are not anything to worry about.

In the Package

When you order the CG Slate, here is what will reach you:

  1. The Lenovo tablet of course
  2. A coaster set (4 pieces)
  3. A Titu Fridge magnet
  4. A Titu Key chain
  5. Titu Stickers
  6. Titu Name Slips
  7. Titu Bookmark
  8. 3D Titu DIY Figurine

My Learnings

Based on my personal experience, the pros of the tablet are – 

  • The tablet is NCERT mapped digital learning so what all your child needs to know is already clearly charted for him/her.
  • The voice-overs have no accents as such. Most apps you download on the Android/ iOS have an accent which children find difficult to follow. This is pure Indian-accent.
  • The audio-visual sessions get the children more interested and increases concentration.
  • The practise sessions at the end of each module make the pieces more interactive and also checks if concepts are understood.
  • The parental control is very good. So even if the child wants to access learning videos and cartoons she needs to type in her password and to enter the Android Zone she will need daddy/ mummy’s password to get in.
  • The usual android apps are there, so in just in case you want to use the tablet, you can; provided you can pry it out of your child’s hands!

The only possibly cons I could find are –

  • This might be because my kid is still not in high-school but I really didn’t understand what Grade K meant. I had to ask around which was telling of maybe how much more prepared I need to get as a parent.
  • My memory isn’t that sharp so I found the many passwords a little overwhelming. Not sure when I might forget one!
  • The tablet does not have a slot for a SIM card so it works only on the WI-FI network. It is not necessary that each place I take my child to should have WI-FI facilities, so a SIM slot would have been great.

Where to Purchase

The CG Slate is available exclusively on Flipkart. You also get an early bird discount of 12% if you happen to be amongst the first 1000 customers purchasing the product. Seriously? What are you waiting for, get your Learning Tablet now!!!