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Interactive Books

Every child is a Genius with his own pace and method of learning

Interactive Books aid learning in kinesthetic learners and help parents in formative assessment at each level of a child's learning. These books also help identify the roadblocks in a child's learning process and rectify them with the help of adaptive algorithms. The nature of these books allow for repetitive perusal, aiding learning at one's own pace.

Educational Videos

Audio-Visual Learning to improve Retention

Videos aid learning in visual and auditory learners, help kindle the innate curiosity in children, aids cognition and improves retention. When taught through characters and stories, it's observed that children learn concepts faster and better, developing a stronger interest in the subject thus taught.

Engaging Games

Knowledge & Fun, Bundled in one

Research shows that gamers regularly exhibit persistence, risk taking, attention to detail and problem solving. It has been proven that games and gamification are effective ways to engage a child, and promote learning in a natural and fun manner.

Fun Worksheets

Stress-free Assessments to inspire a love of learning

Measuring performance at final levels of learning is central to the process of education, and it's imperative that it's done in a stress-free, interactive manner to accurately predict and gauge comprehension and retention.

Cartoons and Movies

Impart moral values through fun and entertaining content

Recent advent of internet has resulted in plethora of information on internet, and it is difficult for a parent to scrutinize the best fun apps and cartoons to engage their kids. With CG Slate, you can relax and let our experts choose the best videos and apps for your kid to have fun in the Play Zone.