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What is CG Slate?

CG Slate is a complete educational solution for classes KG-5. It focuses on making learning easy, safe, and fun through NCERT-mapped content in the form of interactive textbooks, engaging worksheets, audio-visuals, quizzes, and games. It is available on Tablet and as a MicroSD card.


How is CG Slate different from regular learning solutions in the market?

CG Slate is an affordable and personalized learning solution for the 21st-century kid. It features NCERT-mapped lifetime-free content, advanced parental controls, safe learning environment, automated progress reports, and also access to youtube videos and external apps for the kid within CG Slate. The most outstanding feature of the tablet is that its learning content comes preloaded, it doesn’t require internet connectivity, and there are no in-app ads. This rules out the risk of the child being exposed to inappropriate content at any point of time within CG Slate.


What are the subjects covered in CG Slate?

CG Slate educates your child on essential content that is ideal for kids of classes KG-5, in the form of interactive books, animated video stories, competency-based games, and engaging worksheets.

Subjects Covered:

1. Numerical skills
2. English
3. Hindi
4. Personal care
5. Social Awareness

For grades 1-5
1. Maths
2. EVS
3. General Knowledge
4. Spoken English
5. Reading & Grammar


Is CG Slate available as an app?

Yes, ‘CG Slate for kids’ is a free app available on Play Store. The app is intended as a demo for the users who do not have a license. To buy a license, you can purchase CG Slate Tablet or MicroSD card.


Can my child study independently on CG Slate?

Yes, CG Slate has a child-friendly interface which allows the child to learn independently through the dynamics of games and incentivization. Also, Titu- the mascot of CG Slate ensures a safe learning experience by giving suitable suggestions to your child.


Can my child revise on CG Slate all that he/she studies in the school?

Yes, the child can go back and revise multiple times from NCERT-mapped content that supports regular curriculum taught in school. In CG Slate you can use the ‘Parent Mode’ to track the progress made by your child, from the amount of time spent on the subject to accuracy obtained in each topic.


Do I have to give my child access to the internet for learning?

The Learn zone in CG Slate doesn’t require internet connectivity. Internet connection will be required only when the child enters the Play zone and Shop zone. The child will stay within the CG Slate environment, irrespective of the zones he/she enters.


How do I know whether my phone/tablet is compatible with CG Slate MicroSD card?

CG Slate MicroSD cards are compatible with all devices running above Android 4.3 and up to 6.0.1.


Am I supposed to buy separate tablets/SD Cards for different grades?

You can create up to 3 multigrade profiles on CG Slate.


I have a KG-2 SD card, how do I upgrade to 3-5?

For upgrading the grades, you don’t have to buy the license again, that means you only have to pay for the content.


What is the warranty period for CG Slate tablet?

CG Slate tablet comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty.


Can I control what my child views?

With advanced parental controls, you can restrict what your child views. You have an option to add external videos and apps which you want your child to view within CG Slate. You can also see detailed reports of your child’s engagement levels, the amount of time spent on the subjects, and accuracy obtained in each topic.


How is play time linked to learning in CG Slate?

CG Slate has three zones viz. Learn Zone, Play Zone, Shop Zone. As the child learns in the Learn Zone, he/she gets rewarded with playtime that can be used in the Play Zone. This learn-play mechanism motivates the child to learn more and more.


I want my child to watch videos on YouTube but do not want him/her to access the internet. How do you ensure my child’s safety?

In CG Slate you can add appropriate videos from YouTube for your child to view without accessing the internet. Every time your child tries to switch to another application, he/she will be asked for the parent pin which limits him/her to deviate from CG Slate.


How do you ensure that my child doesn’t access inappropriate content on CG Slate?

CG Slate has advanced parental controls that allow you to monitor what your child views on the phone/tablet. Whenever your child tries to switch to another application, he/she will be asked for the parent pin and by default would stay within CG Slate You can also add external apps and videos within CG Slate so your child views them without accessing the internet.



Do you have a Cash On Delivery (COD) option?

For orders through the CG Slate website, there is no option for COD. To avail COD you can buy CG Slate from different channels like Flipkart, Amazon, and Firstcry.


What all payment methods do you accept?

You can make payment through Debit/Credit cards or through Net Banking on the CG Slate website.


Within how many days after ordering I will receive my CG Slate?

Once you place the order, you will receive the order confirmation. Orders through the CG Slate website will be delivered within 4-6 working days. Delivery for Amazon and Flipkart orders is indicated on their respective websites.


What is your returns policy?

To know about our returns policy, click here.



How do I get started with CG Slate?

On switching on CG Slate you will go through a step by step login process. You will have to accept the terms and conditions, set up WiFi, and scan the QR Code by clicking on ‘I have a License’. Create a parent account and make a profile for your child. After completing this process, your child’s profile will appear on CG Slate and your child can begin to explore Learn, Play & Shop Zone. If you want to create more child profiles, you can do so by going to the Parent Zone.


Where can I view my child's report?

To view your child’s report turn on your WiFi, login to the parent's zone. Click on ‘manage profiles’ and then select your kid's profile.


How to change the registered mobile number?

You can change your registered mobile number in the Parent zone of CG Slate. Log in to your parent profile, open the menu (top right corner). Go to 'Parent Profile' edit your mobile number and save it. Verify the OTP received on the new mobile number.


How do I change the email address that I have entered in the parent account?

You can change your registered email address in the Parent Zone. Log in to your parent profile, open the menu (top right corner). Go to 'Parent Profile' edit your email address and save it. Verify the email address received on the new email address.


The restricted mode is turned off after OS update. How do I turn it on?

Log in to your parent profile, open the menu (top right corner). Go to 'Parent Profile'. Scroll down & switch on the restrictive mode. Grant permission to CG Slate by turning on ‘CG Slate for kids’, device service and engineer mode.


How should I set up CG Slate on my mobile?

Step 1. Download the CG Slate app from Google Play Store.
Step 2. Personalize your app and connect to an available Wi-Fi connection.
Step 3. Click on ‘I am a Parent’ to begin setting up CG Slate.
Step 4. Scan the QR code and click on ‘Create a new account’
Step 5. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number.
Step 6. Create an account for your child and set a 4-digit numerical pin which you would need to share with your child.
Your child can now begin with learning on CG Slate!


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