Ways to make smartphones useful for kids

Pocket-sized geniuses, our smartphones are way ahead of us in terms of the knowledge and adaptivity! While we ourselves are unsurprisingly immersed in our smartphones, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us when our children do the same.

How to make its usage useful? 

To ensure the optimum utilization of these crucial points, you need to ensure a few things.

  1. The child shouldn’t be able to access inappropriate content on your phone.

  2. You shouldn’t install games and apps that are addictive and meaninglessly engage children for hours.

  3. Put parental locks on apps that are irrelevant for the kid but important for you.

How to ensure child’s safety?

Solutions like CG Slate MicroSD Cards come handy for parents who want to let their child

benefit from their smartphones.

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You get advanced parental locks within CG Slate that allow you to restrict your child’s access to irrelevant apps.

You don’t have to invest time in collating best apps and content for your child as you get NCERT-mapped content for your child that has videos, worksheets, books and games for kids for classes KG-5.

Parents often stay in a dilemma that their kid might access something inappropriate if they handover the phone to them and at the same time let them access some useful sites and watch relevant videos. CG Slate lets you add external apps and videos that you deem useful, within CG Slate so the child never has to exit the environment. Whenever the child tries to exit CG Slate he/she will be asked for a parental pin.

The dynamics of learning, the ease of understanding and also the abundance of content all over the internet are one of the few reasons why we shouldn’t keep smartphones away from children.

With a technology like CG Slate, every time your child picks your smartphone he/she will learn something new.

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