Smartphones in Kids Education

Yes, children should be allowed to use smartphones to study, and here's why!

Smartphones are no more just a means to communicate but a means to stay well-connected and informed in this fast pacing world. For today’s generation affinity towards technology comes naturally. You no more have to train your kids on how to use your phones or to wait for them to complete their schooling. The biggest advantage of giving your child a smartphone is that it is fun to learn with technology.

Screens stimulate their brains and automatically hold their attention. It doesn’t become a distraction until and unless you do not keep a track of what your child views while using your smartphone. Smartphones have changed the way parents teach their kids and by default the way children learn. Before a child starts crawling he/she gets hooked on the smart screens! And why? Because that is the best way a child absorbs content. You can easily get good content for your child but the main thing is to take create a safe environment for the child to study.

The cue here is: Controlled exposure to smartphones is important for the child to imbibe the essential 21st-century skills.

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