CG Learning Tales- Real Life Explanations

CG Slate learning tablet has concepts explained with ease and lucidity than the child unknowingly memorizes it. Real life applications empower their retention capacity and help them absorb the content quickly.

Balancing Screen Time for Children

You have to understand that in a digitally advanced world as ours, it is impossible to dismiss highly compelling digital devices. Screen time for children has got it own pros and cons depending upon its usage.

5 Must Have Apps for Kids

Our market is full of digital apps easily available on our smartphones. Here is a list of apps that you need to download for your kid asap!

Technology to every parent's aid!

It had always been very tough for me to leave her alone. CG Slate has been of immense help for both of us. The truth is I do trust my daughter but I don’t trust the internet!

Juvenile Diabetes and its prevention

The diabetes epidemic has grown apace in the world today. Not-so-surprisingly India has been leading the charts of a highly diabetic population along with China and USA. The problem is, 1 out of every 4 do not know that they are diabetic.

Mobile learning and its benefits

There was once a time when education was correlated with money, the scenario today has changed. Technology has made education much accessible and affordable. The only place where we lag is ACCEPTANCE.